Fleet Management

People connected with GTI Infotel across the world are saving 15% - 30% of their current cost operating vehicles.

How do we impact your expenses?

The top areas for fleet cost SAVING are:

  • Fuel - reduce miles driven(Personal trips, routing and scheduling)
  • Hours - reduce stoppage and idling, increase customer time
  • Safety - reduce maintenance bills driving accidents/damage
  • Fleet Utilization - reduce the number of spare vehicles by monitoring what vehicles are being driven/which aren't

How do we impact your profit?

The top areas where we help with revenue growth are:

  • Reduce driver overtime
  • Reduce private trip and after hour use
  • Faster response time
  • Reduce communication cost
  • Reduce fleet safety
  • Analyze fleet productivity report
  • Get alerts on exceptions
  • Detect zone Violations

Our solution to help you

cut costs

  • integration with routing package
  • Monitoring and eleminating Personal trip
  • Implemention of anti-idling rule
  • Monitoring all instances of over-speeding
  • Monitoring AC(Air Conditioning) usage on empty trips

  • Your Results

  • 11% Mileage reduction
  • Our average results show that our customers experience 40 kms reduced WEEKLY on every vehicle!
  • This means fuel savings of over Rs. 3000 per vehicle per month.