Central Patient Portal (CPP)  

GTI has developed a Central Patient Portal that stores electronic medical records (“EMR”) of all patients, maintain a record of consultations carried out as a part of telemedicine project, maintain a record of availability and utilisation of manpower deployed as a part of telemedicine project and execute other operations. The Central Patient Portal is integrated with EMR developed by Telemedicine Service Provider(s) (Tele-Consultation and Video-Consultation Service Providers) for the Project. The Service Provider shall update Central Patient Portal on real-time basis.

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  • Data Captured by CPP

    The system has the ability to capture at minimum the following data from the CPP:

    • Registration details of the patient.
    • EMR sheet generated for every consultation including diagnosis, prescriptions Record of consultations carried out that day at every Patient Node.
    • Schedule of consultations for the next two days at every Patient Node .
    • Utilization of specialists/doctors/ paramedic/ counsellors and other manpower deployed as a part of telemedicine project.
    • Record of bio-metric attendance of doctors/ Paramedics/ Counsellors and other manpower deployed as a part of telemedicine project.
    • Change of registered mobile number of the patient.
    • The system captures details of any complaints registered.
    • The system provides view and comment only access of previous medical records of a patient through EMR integrated with the portal to the doctor.

  • Medical Features

    • The system has a provision for the consulting doctors /paramedics/ counsellors to modify clinical details of the patient captured during registration such as chronic conditions, long term medications.
    • The system alerts the referral centre regarding the patient through EMR integrated with the portal, SMS and Email.
    • Integration with SMS gateway and Email: For information or notification of case to the concerned Public Healthcare Facilities.
    • The system generates unique user id and password for all registered patients and forward the same via SMS/E-mail to the patient.
    • The patient is able to retrieve information related to medical advice, treatment, diagnosis report, prescription, registered complaints etc. related to the patient.
    • The system maintains a databank of addresses and contact numbers of Public Healthcare Centres, government diagnostic centres and medicine dispensaries at government facilities and Patient Node(s) established as a part of Tele-Medicine project.

  • Technical Features

    • The system enables the patient to download prescriptions and reports in PDF format once they login using his unique id and password.
    • All displays are in English and Hindi language.
    • The system supports HIPAA standards for electronic transactions.
    • The system include extensive error checking of all user input data, including, but not limited to ICD-10 (Check diagnosis against gender, age, other as necessary) & ICD-10 procedure checking against diagnosis.
    • The system maintains a master database of doctors, paramedics, counsellors other manpower employed under Telemedicine Project. The database at minimum shall contain name, Aadhaar number, contact number, Age, Date of Birth, Qualification, Designation, years of experience, location.
    • The system facilitates generation of MIS dashboard.
    • The system provides for various levels of secure access based on defined roles and responsibilities within NHM based on units (Project locations) with attached roles and privileges.
    • The portal provides patients information brochures creating awareness on social and health related concerns.
    • System maintains Standards and compliance as per the Government of India.