Enterprise Solution for:    VistA EHR

Our clinical experts in VistA complimented by IT expertise in Mumps, GT.M, Cache, Mirth, EWD & other such technologies provides professional solutions to healthcare organisations thinking of or have deployed VistA EHR. From development to deployment, organizations can rely on GTI's expertise at every step. We offer a full range of solutions, backed by 24/7 comprehensive services. GTI provides expertise in Software Solution. With an experience of over a decade in VistA, GTI provides the following Software Solutions on it:

  • Implementation, Integration & Interfacing

    GTI’s core competency is VistA/CPRS System deployment at Hospitals. GTI specializes in customizing & developing VistA/CPRS and integrating it with administrative, billing, PACS applications, and developing VistA/CPRS interfaces with Commercial Software. GTI also takes up existing VistA implementation to develop/customize new modules/interfaces/reports. GTI implementation services incorporates:

    • VistA deployment
    • Network integration
    • PACS Integration
    • Laboratory & patient monitor interfaces
    • Other interfaces such as Spirometers, Coagulation machines & much more

  • Support & Maintenance

    GTI specializes in deeply understanding an existing VistA installation and supporting it. GTI’s team of Clinical as well as technical professionals ensure that they recognise the need & develop/support accordingly. This includes:

    • Clinical Transformation
    • Clinical Adoption
    • Workflow optimization

  • Web-based broker-less front end

    GTI has expertise in Java/Mirth or EWD to develop web based front end for variety of custom applications such as:

    • Patient Information & Management
    • MIS Reports

  • Project Management

    At GTI every aspect of delivery the right product & services at a Healthcare organization is essential. The Project Management Group ensures are doing that by incorporating all the above services along with professional:

    • IT Support
    • Clinical & Administrative Support
    • Training