Passenger Information System

This proposal is aimed to integrate all local buses plying in the major cities with passenger information system as per specification no. A15502 Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India. The system integrates all local buses plying in the city with central control station, Bus stand and Bus terminals.

Overview of the GTI INFOTEL Solution

The solution provided by us is compliant to Ministry of Urban Development Specification A15052 with latest Amendment at 12/06/2009 by OSD (MRTS). The solution starts with the Integrated Controller/Driver Console Unit (DCU) which controls all the functions. The Controller is a software based Single Board device with a Colour TFT LCD display for interface by the Driver.

The block diagram of the solution is as below:

The proposed Passenger Information System integrates & send information across the network to the Bus, Bus Stop & the passengers about various items such as Estimated Time of Arrival, Departure, Route numbers, etc. It works seamlessly as follows:

While the bus is going on a route, the tracking device sends the location information to the controller at regular information. Based on the route selected, whenever the bus is close to the bus stop location, the controller alerts the driver of the next bus stop. It also announces the next bus stop on internal speakers. At the bus stop, the driver initiate the announcement of destination and major stops on external speakers for convenience of the passengers standing at the Bus stop. Similarly, the requisite messages are sent to the various display boards at appropriate times. This is controlled by the driver. The System also controls the LED at the Bus Stand that displays the Estimated Time of Arrival of the next bus. This information to sent to it from the Bus via GPRS.

The above system operates automatically or can be manually driven as defined above. The complete solution comprises of following components.