Total Fleet Visibility

If vehicle tracking is not an option for your business, because maybe part of your fleet is privately owned vehicles (grey-fleet), or if you want to extend the visibility you get from vehicle tracking to employees outside of their vehicles, then mobile phone tracking is the best option. Why?

  • Because it tracks the same basic metrics as vehicle tracking (Speed, Location, Time on Site, Speeding, etc)
  • It can use GeoFences to count visits in and out of specific locations drawn on the map
  • You receive alerts when specific events happen (speeding, excessive idling)
  • You can analyse historical journey reports

Beyond the fleet - Employees in the Field

When Vehicle Tracking stops, our mobile tracking takes over and even if employees venture indoors our solution's check-ins take over.

  • Mobile Tracking can track user movements on foot as well as in their vehicles
  • Historical journey reports can be downloaded orautomatically emailed on scheduled dates


A cost-efficient alternative to vehicle tracking

Using the smart phone’s GPS technology, our app transmits location and journey data to GTI's web-based GPS tracking system. The system then displays this “live” location data on our Map interface, with a supporting suite of journey reports which can be exported to MS Excel.

Management Dashboard

displays fleet statistics in real-time, with the ability to compare data over selected time periods (days, weeks, months, or specific date ranges).

Automated Timesheets

Can delivers accurate data that can be used for wages, overtime, or billing time to customers.

Alarms and Alerts

Notifies management and supervisors of specific events by email - such as vehicles speeding or entering / exiting geofenced locations

Compatible with following Mobile Phone Operating Systems:
1. Android
2. iOS