Outdoor Mobile Advertising today!

Unlike the boring plastic or dull amber LED text only display you have seen, GTI Infotel dazzling LED electronic taxi display excites,  capture and looks in the mass audiences 'attention by display super Bright,  high impact,  high resolution,  color display effect.  It can be seen around the taxi under broad daylight from a short distance or a far.  It is also GPS equipped for narrow-casting to a targeted demographic area.  This will no doubt become an instant most sought-after medium for the outdoor mobile advertising.

As an alternative media,  GTI Infotel's LED digital taxi display advertising not only offer more cost-effective in reaching consumers than the traditional media,  such as radio, TV, magazines and newspapers,  it also has a much compelling higher recall rate than all of them combined.

GTI Infotel is supremely confident that our taxi advertising will instantly become a strong brand and out-of-home advertising venue reaching million of viewers daily by rapidly integrated into media buys by leading national advertisers and ad agencies. The service coverage areas will soon be launched in other major metropolitan cities.

Using the world’s most advanced and its patented technology,  GTI Infotel is quickly building a network of digital electronic display systems across city witch will revolutionize both the outdoor and indoor advertising.

GTI Infotel taxi advertising utilizes its electronic taxi display system and technology and taking it from a static to mobile, multiple display, and highly targeted environment. GTI Infotel is poised to become the market leader in the electronic advertising arena for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Advantages of LED advertisement on taxi

  • The advertising on the LED screen is dynamic and contently changing, so the audience would not feel boring when they watch the advertising programme. people would like to stay longer time to watch the display.
  • No other medium delivers your massage more effectively. Taxi ads work for you,24 hours a day, seven days a week harder than radio, television or newspaper ads and at a fraction of the cost.
  • The great convenience of program me and edit. during an advertising campaign, it is possible to correct and change instantly information
  • It builds product/service awareness within days. imagine hundreds of taxi carry your ads and massage where it counts; close to the point of purchase-downtown shopping districts, suburban malls and shopping centers, entertainment outlets and other strategic areas where other form of media are not permitted.
  • The cost of advertising on LED screen is lower than the traditional advertising billboards, and definitely lower than TV and radio media.
  • Taxi routes coincide with high population densities and strategic destinations from all corner ensuring that your ads the maximum exposure.

LED Taxi Advertisement scheme by GTI Infotel

  • Fortnightly, monthly & Quarterly schemes available.
  • Five(5) Taxis play the same content simultaneously across the city for three(3)hours.This is considered as one(1) slot.
  • Each advertisement will be of up to 30 seconds with about 80 characters per ad.
  • You can get up to 180 insertions/ads per day per slot.This amounts to 4500 insertions/ads per month per slot (five taxis).