Case Study: Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute

GTI developed a Bed Management System integrated with VistA for RGCI. The Solution featured:

  • GUI based Bed Management System deployed across Clinicians, Registration, Finance, Accounts.
  • GUI displayed on Video Wall for information to Staff at various locations .
  • View availability of the beds graphically incorporating all the blocks & wards where the Administrator is be able to view the complete hospital including all the Blocks & Wards.
  • The User (Ward Nurse) is be able to view beds filtered by floor/ward/type (such as semi-deluxe, deluxe, etc).
  • The Beds represented on GUI is color coded.
  • Built-in Reports including
    • Bed Utilization in Percentage
    • Turnaround time between a bed being available (yellow) & occupied (green) i.e. Transit status
    • Total number of beds occupied at any given time incorporating the Patient, Blocks & Wards
    • Patient-wise bed occupancy report
    • Report on the Person changing the status of the bed (if this information is available through HL7)
    • Ability to create new reports based on RGCI requirements
    • The system is displayed on 50” LCD Monitor/TV for the Administrator where they will see the entire Hospital at a glance.
    • The system is credential based with extensive Admin panel to configure the user/credentials
    • GTI BMS is a Uni Directional integration with Mirth to take HL7 Admission, Discharge & Transfer information from the VistA EHR to the GTI BMS.
    • Bed Administration include ability to add, delete & edit beds along with transfers