GTI provides a robust & dynamic Loyalty Program Management (LPM) through specialized services and technology but helps our clients in acquiring accurate customer data giving them the opportunity to analyze and in turn, customize services & vendors for specific sets of customers that show similar market and behavioral traits. Some customers based on their preferences, geographical peculiarities, and circumstances may feel that an organization has not been able to meet their demands. GTI’s LPM Software intends to reach out to such customers and provide the right mix of services to attain loyalty.

  • Privileged Vendor & Customer Concierge Services: It is of utmost importance to identify, attract and maintain the right vendors for the Client’s Loyalty Program. It will also be important to add new Vendors to keep the customers engaged. Furthermore, interacting with the customers and helping them out with understanding and manoeuvring through the Loyalty Program will be a key to its success. GTI also has Vendor & Customer Relationship Management service that will provide personalized attention and cares for customers and vendors that matter most to the Clients.

  • Technology that underline the Loyalty Program: GTI provides a comprehensive, technologically advanced system that allows to create and realize successful, user-oriented programs with ease. Supporting both B2C and B2B operators, GTI’s solution uses cutting edge technology across mobile and web platform to use the loyalty program with ease. It further has provision to implement Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanisms that could identify individual patterns within customers and provide offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences.


GTI uses data-driven process to design, implement and operate best-practice loyalty programs.

  • Design

    We design leading loyalty programs:
    • Loyalty program design
    • Commercial modelling
    • Marketing & lifecycle management strategy
    • Market research
    • Legal guidance
    • Analytics strategy
    • Training

  • Implementation

    We implement loyalty programs & strategy:
    • Technical solution design
    • Platform sourcing
    • Tender process management
    • Reward sourcing
    • Contractual negotiations
    • Launch strategy

  • Operation

    We drive ongoing lifetime value:
    • Platform configuration & management
    • Marketing & lifecycle communications
    • Reward store operation
    • Customer care support
    • Reporting & analytics
    • Strategic program optimisation



    See one consistent loyalty profile with a single view of the customer. Match online and offline data under one profile. Use mobile phone, email, loyalty card number or any other identifier to connect data from multiple sources. Segment customers based on their purchase history, profile qualities or custom events that represent customer behavior. Use static or dynamic segmentation in targeting your loyalty campaigns.


    Set rules for earning points. Use transactional Earning rules to define how many points can be earned based on details from the transaction. Combine rules with time, segment, location and more. Work with predefined rules or add a custom one that suits your loyalty strategy. Define an unlimited number of Earning rules. Create various tactics to engage members. Compose a simple or complex matrix of rules. Allow your customers to earn points or get loyalty rewards.


    Manage rewards, promotions codes and benefits. Define and manage various types of rewards like: discount coupons, value codes, physical rewards, special offers or cashback. With advanced reward targeting, you can configure who will be able to see and redeem the reward, and when. Benefits can be assigned to customers in a specific Level, Segment or POS.


    Manage multi-tenant loyalty programs with many merchants. Use multi- tenancy loyalty features to define and manage reward programs for multiple stores or brands. Collect and process transactions from online and offline points of sales. Any interaction can be matched with a customer’s profile. Define rights for browsing, modifying or adding data to the loyalty program.